AMC Mayor’s Cup last 8 lut hriat tawh

AMC Mayor’s Cup last 8 lut hriat tawh
AMC Mayor’s Cup Inter Ward Football Tournament 2023 chu February ni 15, Thawhlehni khan Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Sa-lem Veng, Mualpuiah Round of 16 khelh zawh a ni a; inkhel vawihnih awmin, an khingpui ve ve hnehtu Ward XVII leh XVIII chuan quarter-final hmunawl pahnih la awm an hnawhkhat ve leh ta a ni.
Naktuk, February ni 17, 2023 Zirtawpni hian quarter-final khelh tan tur niin, inkhel vawihnih a awm ang a, chawhhma dar 11:00-ah Ward No XII leh Ward No VI an insu ang a, chawhnu dar 1:00-ah Ward No V leh Ward No IV an inhmachhawn ve leh ang.
Quarter-final atangin Tata Yodha man of the match thlan a ni ang a, lawmman siam a ni bawk dawn a; inkhelte hi LPS HD channel-ah live hmanga pekchhuah a ni.

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Quarter-final lut team-te:
1. Ward No VII
2. Ward No 1
3. Ward No V
4. Ward XII
5. Ward IV
6. Ward VI
7. Ward XVII
8. Ward No XVIII

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