Argentina Open hnehtu Alcaraz

Pathianni Argentina Open final-ah British No. 1 Cameron Norrie hnehin Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz a champion.
Buenos Aires khaw final-ah hian kum 27 mi Norrie chu straight-set 6-3 7-5-in a tlawm a, ATP title panga lak tlin a tumna a puitlin zo lo.
Spanish rawlthar kum 19 mi Alcaraz tan tun kha kumin bika tournament a khelh vawikhatna niin, hliam avanga thlali ngawt a chawlh hnuah 2022 US Open title hawntu Spain world number two hian a title pasarihna a hlawhchhuak.
Hnehna a chan hnu-ah nuamti taka final match a khelh thu leh game harsa tak tur ni mah se tan phat atangin game-ah a insawrbing a, final-a a khelh dan tur level dik takin a khel chhuak thei tih a sawi.
Alcaraz hi kum 2015 champion Rafael Nadal hnu lama Buenos Aires khawpuia Ar-gentina Open title hawn leh thei Spanish player hmasaber a ni.

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