Arsenal ah Martinelli a nghet

Arsenal rawlthar, hmabak nei eng tak Gabriel Martinelli chuan Emirates stadium a cham chhunzawm turin kum nga daih contract thar a ziak.

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Brazil international Martinelli hian kum 2019 khan Ituano atangin London club lian Arsenal hi a zawm a. Gunners tan inelna hrang hrangah vawi 111 zet a khel tling tawh. Kum naupangt> ni chungin Martinelli hi Arsenal player pawimawh a ni a, season kal mekah tha taka khelin EPL-ah vawi 19 zet a inlan zawn tawh. Arsenal tan EPL 2022-23 a la khel kim vek Martinelli hian EPL season kal mekah goal sarih a thun tling tawh a. Point 5 a hma an hruai fal theihnan a thawhhlawk hle.

Arsenal ah kum 2027 thleng cham tura contract ziak thar Martinelli hian Brazil Under 23 tan vawi riat a khel tawh a. Kum 2022 atangin Brazil senior team tan khel tan in, World Cup 2022 ah khan Brazil tan vawihnih a khel. Hei bakah hian kum 2020 khan Olympic ah Brazil a lo champion pui tawh nghe nghe a ni.

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