Assam Rifles insawnchhuah nan CM leh AR hotu in nawr dun tum

Mizorama Assam Rifles hotu lu leh chief minister chuan Zokhawsanga Assam Rifles hmunpui sawn fel a nih theih nan theihtawp chhuah dun an rel.

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HQ 23 Sector Assam Rifles DIG Brig. Girish Upadhyay chuan Nilaini khan chief minister Zoramthanga a hmu a. Assam Rifles hmun thar Zokhawsanga a hma thei ang bera insawn tura a duh thu leh hemi atana hma la tura a duh thu chief minister hian a lo hrilh.

Brig. Girish Upadhyay chuan Mizorama awm thar a nih angin Mizo mipui nen inlaichinna tha tak neih a duh tih a sawi a. Assam Rifles chu Home ministry thu anga insawn tur tho tho a nih thu te, a rang thei ang bera insawn fel theih nan leh tuna an hmun chhuahsan tura Laldenga Centre leh project dangte a hma thei ang bera hma lak a nih theih na’n amah pawhin theihtawp a chhuah tur thu sawiin, chief minister-in a tih theih chinah theihtawp a chhuah angin amah pawhin an hotute bulah theihtawpa a lo nawr tur thu a hrilh.

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