August 30 ral hma in SEDP thawh hnihna pek vek tum

August 30 ral hma in SEDP
thawh hnihna pek vek tum
MNF sawrkar flagship programme SEDP hnuaiah family oriented-a tanpuina pek thawhhnihna, chhungkaw 60000 hnena pek tura tih chu 2023 August 30 ralhmaa pek vek tura tih a ni.
Family Oriented SEDP Phase-II kalpui dan tur leh Phase-I kalpui mek thlirin SEDP Executive Board chu an chairman, deputy chief minister Tawnluia hoin Thawhtanni khan an thukhawm a. Chairman chuan Phase II kalpui turah beneficiaries 60000 dang thlan leh tura ruahman a ni tawh a. Phase-II atan hian cheng vaibelchhe 300 dah a nih thu leh Phase-II hi August 30 ral hmain tanpuina second instalment sum pek tlak vek tur a ni tih a sawi.
Phase I-a beneficiaries tam zawkin tanpuina sum second instalment Rs. 25000 theuh an account-ah an dawng mek tih a sawi a. Sum renchem a ngaih avangin Phase-II a administrative cost tih hniam rawtna chu thil tul tak nia a ngaih thu a sawi bawk.
SEDP kalpuitu implementing department, District Level SEDP Committee leh Local/ Village Level SEDP Committee tana SEDP Phase-II a administrative cost tihniam rawtna chu sawi ho a nih hnuin pawm a ni a. Phase-II kalpui dan tur duan chin, timeline chu thlir ho a ni. Family Oriented SEDP Phase-I a beneficiaries endik hna ‘monitoring leh inspection’ chungchang pawh sawi a ni.
Family Oriented SEDP Phase-I ah hian beneficiaries 60000 awmin benefiary tin hnenah Rs. 50000 pek tur a ni a, 1st instalment Rs. 25000 an dawng kim tawh a, 2nd instalment Rs. 25000 pawh beneficiary tam zawkin an dawng mek. Second phase-ah beneficiaries 60000 dang thlan an ni dawn a, an ni pawhin tanpuina sum Rs. 50000 dawn tura ruahman chu instalment hnihin an dawng dawn a ni.

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