Balhla um hminna dinsak

Thingsulthliah-I a Horticulture department hmalaknaa din Ripening Chamber & Collection Center cum Manager Quarter chu Inrinni khan bialtu MLA, minister R Lalzirliana’n a hawng.

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Thingsulthliah tlangdung chu khaw taima, Aizawl chawmtu ni reng thin an ni, tiin, minister chuan hlawhtlinna an chan zel theih nan zirchianna tha neih a pawimawh tih a sawi.

Ripening Chamber hi centrally sponsored scheme – Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture hnuaia din a ni a. Collection Center cum Manager Quarter hi NABARD sum hmanga sak a ni. Horticulture department leh Thingsulthliah VC-I ten inremna thuthlung ziak nghalin, Ripening Chamber hi balhla chingtuten tangkai taka an hman theih nan Thingsulthliah VC-I hnena hlan a ni.

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