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Bawnghnute-in rihna tihniam


Bawnghnute hi thauna emaw kan tih laiin mithiam ten zirchianna an neih tharah chuan regular taka bawnghnute in hi intih cher nan a tha e, an tih zawk tlat mai.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition-in a tarlan danin, mithiam ten kum 2 chhung weight loss study (intih cher dan zirchianna) an neih hnuah, rihna paih a, intih cher
tum zingah bawnghnute in lo aiin bawnghnute in \hin ten an rihna an paih chak zawk niin an sawi tlat mai.

He zirchianna hi Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel-a mithiam te neih a ni a, puitlingin nitin bawnghnute no hnih in ziah sela, intih cher tuma bei ve tho midang,
bawnghnute in ngai lo aiin kum hnih chhungin, chawhrualin Kg 6 velin a rihna a hniam chak zawk ang, an ti.

He zirchianna atan hian mipa leh hmeichhia, thau tak tak (overweight), kum 40-65, mi 300 te chu an in-volunteer a, kum 2 chhung mithiam te hian an lo zirbing ta a ni.

An ei leh in te, exercise an lak dan te leh an nunphung hrim hrim te nen uluk takin kum 2 chhung an thlithlai a, chutah chuan calcium tamna bawnghnute, nitin no hnih vel
in thin te chuan bawnghnute in ve lo emaw in tlem emaw te aiin an rihna an paih hnem zawk a, chawhrualin Kg 6 velin he kum hnih chhung hian an rihna an paih hnem
zawk a ni.

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