Beyonce Cowboy Carter-in spotify record a siam

Beyonce Cowboy Carter-in spotify record a siam
Beyonce country album ‘Cowboy Carter’ chuan kumina album tlangzarh zingah Spotify-a ni khat thil thua stream nasat ber record a siam a, country album-in hetiang hi kuminah a tawn vawi khatna a ni bawk. He album-a a hla ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ pawh vawi maktaduai 200 chuang stream a ni tawh bawk. Pop atanga country music lama a kal vawikhatnaah Beyonce hi a che fuh nghal hle a, a album tharah hian country legend Dolly Parton leh Willie Nelson te pawh a zaipui nghe nghe a ni.
‘Cowboy Carter’ hian record dang pawh a siam a, khawvel huapin Amazon Music-ah a album an tlangzarh ni khatnaa stream nasat ber a ni a, Amazon Music-ah hian hmeichhe zaithiam country album zingah nikhata stream nasat ber record a ni bawk.
He album-ah hian hla 27 awmin, zaithiam lar a thawhpui nual a, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, Linda Martell, Tanner Adell, Willie Jones, Raphael Saadiq, The-Dream, Shaboozey te pawh a thawhpui zingah hian an tel.
Mihang zaithiam te hian country music-ah lawm an hlawh vak lo thin a, Beyonce pawhin he album hi kum nga chuang a buaipui niin a sawi a, “Ka tawnhriat atanga lawm ka hlawh vak lohna kara rawn piang a ni a…lawm ka hlawh lo tak tak. Mahse, chu ka thil tawn avang chuan Country music history thuk lehzualin ka luhchilh ta zawk a ni. Rimawiin khawvel hmun hrang hranga mite min phuarkhawm theih dan han hmuh hian a hlimawm takzet a ni,” a ti.
‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ hi Billboard Country chart-ah No.1 kaiin, Beyonce hi mihang hmeichhe zinga country music chart-a No.1 ni thei hmasa ber a ni.

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