BLACKPINK Jennie ‘Solo’-in 1B view a kai

BLACKPINK member Jennie solo single hmasa ber ‘Solo’ tih music video chuan YouTube-ah vawi tluklehdingawn en a hlawh ve ta.
He hla hi BLACKPINK pawn lama Jennie solo single hmasa ber a ni a, 2018 khan a music video an tlangzarh atanga darkar nga (5) chhungin vawi maktaduai 4 en a hlawh hman nghe nghe a ni.
He hla a tihchhuah dawn hian Jennie tan pawh pressure a sang hle a, a hunlaia Billboard-in an kawmnaah pawh hei hi sawi chhuakin Jennie chuan, “Pressure a sang duh ve khawp mai, a mimal leh BLACKPINK aiawh ang deuha a mal anga ka chet chhuah vawi khatna a ni,” a ti.
He hla hi a tihchhuah hlimah Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart-ah No.1 kaiin, K-pop hmeichhe zaithiam zinga he chart-a mimal anga No.1 kai thei pahnihna a ni a, lead artist ang phei chuan a hmasaber a ni nghe nghe.

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