Box office-ah ‘Creed III’ a No.1

Box office-ah ‘Creed III’ a No.1
‘Rocky’ film behchhana franchise beisei aia hit ta zek, a film pathumna ‘Creed III’ chuan tun weekend kalta khan North America-ah cinema hall ticket hralhna atangin dollar maktaduai 58.6 lalutin, boc office No.1 a ni a, US pawnlamah pawh dollar maktaduai 41.8 a lalut thei bawk.
Director-actor Michael B. Jordan film siam-ah hian a direct bakah Adonis Creed lemah a chang leh a, a film series-ah opening weekend-a sum lalut hnem ber a la ni. ‘Creed’ character hi Ryan Coogler-a’n 2015-a a film siam ‘Creed’-ah khan a vawi khat nan tihlan a ni a, he film hi ‘Rocky’ film franchise an kaihthawh lehna a ni.
‘Creed III’ hian US leh US pawna a lakluh belhkhawm chu opening weekend-ah dollar maktaduai 100.4 a tling a, US tihlohah chuan France, Italy, UK, Mexico leh Germany te chu a sum lakluh tam zualna ram a ni bawk. A film-ah hian Creed chuan chawlh a tum ve tawh a, mahse, a thian hlui, Jonathan Majors a hmachhawn a ngai ta tlat mai. He film-ah hian Tessa Thompson, Mila Davis-Kent leh Wood Harris te pawh an inlan.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania-in dollar maktaduai 12.5 lalut lehin No.1 atangin No.2-ah a tawlh a, he film hian US-ah dollar maktaduai 186.7 lalut tawhin, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 237.7 a lalut tawh bawka, heti hian a vawiin dollar maktaduai 423.9 a tlin ta a ni.
Elizabeth Banks film siam ‘Cocaine Bear’-in dollar maktaduai 11 lalut lehin No.3 a la ni a, he film pawh hian ni 10 chhungin US-ah dollar maktaduai 41.2 a lalut tawh a, US pawna a lakluh nen chuan dollar maktaduai 52 a tlin ve tawh bawk.
Box office top 10:
1 Creed III $58,658,000
2 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania $12,471,000
3 Cocaine Bear $11,020,000
4 Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village $10,117,000
5 Jesus Revolution $8,650,000
6 Avatar: The Way of Water $3,578,000
7 Operation Fortune $3,160,000
8 Puss in Boots: The Last Wish $2,720,000
9 Magic Mike’s Last Dance $1,180,000
10 80 For Brady $845,000

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