Box office-ah ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ a No.1

Channing Tatum channa ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ hi streaming tura an siam a ni a, mahse, cinema hall-ah an chhuah leh ta zawk a, North American box office-ah a No.1 a, ‘Titanic’ film pawh a kum 25-na denchhenin a 3D an tlangzarh thar leh a, No.3-ah a debut bawk.

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Magic Mike’s Last Dance hian tun weekend kalta khan North America-ah cinema hall ticket hralhna atangin dollar maktaduai 8.2 a lalut a, box office No.1 a ni. ‘Last Dance’ hi Magic Mike series-a a film pathumna a ni a, a film hmasa pahnih te aiin opening weekend-ah sum a lalut tlem zawk a, chutihrualin cinema hall an chhuahna pawh a tlem zawk ve tho bawk a, cinema hall 1,550-ah chiah chhuah a ni.

US pawn lamah pawh he film hian dollar maktaduai 10.4 lalutin, khawvel huapa a lakluh chu dollar maktaduai 18.6 a tling. Magic Mike film pathumah hian Channing Tatum a chang vek a, a film thar berah hian nuthlawi hausa tak (Salma Hayek)-in London-a stage production-a tanpui tura a sawm dan vel tarlan a ni.

James Cameron film siam ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ leh ‘Titanic’ te chu No.2 leh No.3 an ni a. ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ hian dollar maktaduai 6.88 lalut lehin No.2-ah a tawlh a, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 18.9 a lalut leh bawk a, heti hian a sum lakluh zawng zawng chu dollar tluklehdingawn 2.214 a tling ta.

Valentine’s Day nang turin ‘Titanic’ film an tlangzarh thar leh a, he film hi a kum 25-na niin, boruak pawh a rawn nei leh viau a, dollar maktaduai 6.4 lalutin, box office No.3 a ni a, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 15.9 a lalut tel a, tihian he film an tlangzarh thar lehin tun weekend-a a sum lakluh chu dollar maktaduai 22.3 a tling a, kum 25 kalta atanga a sum lakluh tawh zawng zawng nen dollar tluklehdingawn 2.217 a lalut tling ta a ni.

James Cameron film siam ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ hi film tlangzarh tawh zinga sum lalut tam palina niin, ‘Titanic’ hi pathumna a ni a, pakhatna chu ‘Avengers: End Game’ niin, pahnihna chu James Cameron film siam bawk ‘Avatar’ a ni.

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