Kut themthiam inzirna lam sawi

District Skill Committee Aizawl District chuan chu an chairman, bawrhsap Dr Lalhriatzuali Ralte kaihhruaiin Zirtawpni khan an thukhawm a. Skill development lama hmalakna thenkhat – IBM Skillsbuild School leh College Chapter project enletna chu Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship fellow Akshaya Jalasteen chuan present-in, hmachhawp hrang hrang an sawi ho.

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Thalaite tana eizawnna tur leh sawrkar laipui scheme-te nen tangkawpa sum hailuh theihna tur hrang hrang zir ho a ni a, online hmanga sumdawng (start up) te tana inzawrhchhuahna tur, My e-Haat tih, HCL Company siam chungchang pawh sawiho a ni.

Thalaiten eizawnna ngelnghet zawk an neih theihna’na thiamthil hrang hrang peipun zel theih nan workshop pawh buatsaih thuai tura hma lak a ni bawk.

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