Box office-ah ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ a la chungnung ber

Box office-ah ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ a la chungnung ber
Video game ‘Super Mario Bros.’ behchhan an siam ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ chu beisei phak bakin cinema hall lamah a la chetha tluang hle a, a sum lakluh chak dan atangin enin dollar tluklehdingawn a lalut har dawn niin a lang a, film tlangzarh thar Russell Crowe channa ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ pawhin he film huhang hi a zo meuh lo a ni ber mai.
‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ hian a weekend vawi hnihnaah North America-ah cinema hall ticket hralhna atangin dollar maktaduai 85 lalut lehin box office No.1 a la ni a, animated film zingah weekend hnihnaah sum lakluh tamah Frozen 2 (dollar maktaduai 86) chiah a pha lo.
He film hian ni 10 chhungin US-ah dollar maktaduai 347.8 a lalut tling ta a, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 330 lalut bawkin, heti hian ni 10 chhunga khawvel huapa a lakluh chu dollar maktaduai 678 a tling der tawh a, ni 10 chhung chauh cinema hall-ah an la chhuah chung pawhin Hollywood animated film tlangzarh tawhah chuan sum lakluh tamah pathumna a ni pha der tawh bawk.
Super Mario Bros. Movie hian record siamin, dollar maktaduai 439.4 lalut thei Warcraft leh dollar maktaduai 449.8 lalut thei Pokemon: Detective Pikachu te lehpelin video game behchhana film siam zinga sum lalu hnem ber a ni bawk.
Film tlangzarh thar tunlai mil deuh vampire film hlimawm deuh chi ‘Renfield’ leh supernatural thriller Russell Crowe channa The Pope’s Exorcist te pawhin Super Mario Bros. Movie huhang an la ngam lo a, The Pope’s Exorcist hian dollar maktaduai 9.2 lalutin No.2 a ni a, he film-ah hian Russell Crowe chu Father Gabriele Amorth lemah changin, ani hi a tak takah hian Vatican-a chief exorcist a nia, a dam chhungin mi kawchhung atanga ramhnuai hnawhchhuah hna vawi 1,00,000 chuang thawk tawh a ni. US pawnlamah dollar maktaduai 27.4 lalut bawkin, avaiin dollar maktaduai 33.6 a lalut nghal a ni.
John Wick: Chapter 4 a la kaltluang viau a, dollar maktaduai 7.9 lalut lehin No.3 a la ni thei a,he film hian US-ah dollar maktaduai 160.1 lalut tawhin, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 189.6 a lalut tawh a, a vaiin dollar maktaduai 349.7 a tlin ve tawh bawk.
Nicholas Hoult leh Nicolas Cage channa ‘Renfield’-in dollar maktaduai 7.7 lalutin, No.4 a ni a, he film-ah hian Nicolas Cage chu Count Dracula lema a chang a, Nicholas Hoult hi Count Dracula kaihza ventu a ni ve thung a, Dracula kaihza vengtu ringawt ni lo deuh, thildang atan a awm em tih a zawn dan vel tarlan a ni. He film hi Chris McKay direct niin, Awkwafina pawh a inlan.
Ben Affleck channa ‘Air’-in dollar maktaduai 6.2 lalut lehin No.5 a la ni a, he film hian khawvel huapin kar hnih chhungin dollar maktaduai 54.1 a lalut ve ta bawk.

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