Bru Kut – Boisu hmang

Bru Kut – Boisu hmang
Bru hnam kut ropui Boisu Festival 2023 chu state pum huap angin Zirtawpni khan Mamit district Damdiai-ah hman a ni.
He hun hmanpuitu Social Welfar & Tribal Affairs minister Er Lalrinawma chuan hnamtinin tih dan phung, lam leh zai dan kan nei vek a. Heng kan hnam tih dan phung hi zahpui loa, hnam ziarang humhalha pholan zel a pawimawh tih a sawi. Tribal kan ni a, kan hnam ziarangte vawnnun zel chu kan tih tur a ni, tiin, Tribal ministry pawhin hnam ziarang bo loa hlim taka chengho turin min duh a, tan a la mek tih a sawi a ni.
Kumin Boisu Festival thupui atan “Lost of Culture is Lost of Identity” tih hman a ni a, Mamit district chhung khaw hrang hrang atangin Bru hnam kalkhawmin zai leh lam ena ngaihthlak a ni.

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