BTS biography ‘Beyond the Story’ tlangzarh dawn

BTS biography ‘Beyond the Story’ tlangzarh dawn
South Korean pop group BTS biography ‘Beyond the Story: 10 Year Record of BTS’ chu July ni 9-ah an tlangzarh dawn tih an puang a, a copy pre-order a tih theih tawh a, Amazon-ah chuan a No.1 nghal der tawh.
BTS biography hi Flatiron Books leh Big Hit Music tangkawpin an tihchhuah tur a ni a, South Korea leh United States-ah BTS an lar chhuah dan vel te tarlan a ni ang. He biography hi journalist Kang Myeong-seok ziah niin, Anton Hur-a’n sap tawngin a letling a ni.
He lehkhabu hi Amazon-ah dollar 27-in a lei theih dawn a, Kindle version chu dollar 29.99 man a ni dawn a, Amazon leh Barnes & Noble-ah online pre-order a tih theih.
BTS biography hi phek 544 a chhah niin, July ni 9 a tlangzarh tur a ni a, July ni 9 hian BTS tan pawimawhna a nei a, kumin atan ARMY Day a niin, an group kum 10 tlin champha an lawm dawn a ni.

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