Bucks in Kings an hneh

March 13, Thawhtan zing khan NBA regular season 2022-23 khelh chhunzawm a ni a. Inkhel hmuhnawm takah Milwaukee Bucks chuan Sacramento Kings an hneh. Inkhel dangah champion lai Golden State Warriors chuan Phoenix Suns an hneh ve bawk.
Eastern Conference-a hmahruai mektu Milwaukee Bucks in Sacramento Kings an hmachhawn tum hian hliam vanga game thum chhung chawl tawh Giannis Antetokounmpo a kir a, Bucks tan a che tha zui leh nghal viau. MVP vawi hnih ni tawh Ante-tokounmpo hian Kings an hneh tum hian point 46 zet a thawkchhuak.
Western Conference-ah pathumnaa awm mek Sacramento Kings hian Bucks lakah bul an tan tha a, quarter hmasa pahnihah chungnung zawkah tang ve ve in, point 15-a hmahruai chungin chawlhlawk an hmang.
Chawlhlawk hnu lamah Bucks an khel tha ta viau thung a, quarter hnuhnung pahnihah chungnung zawkah tang ve vein an khingpuite hi point 9 in an lehthal a. Point belhkhawmah point 133-124 in hnehna an chang zui ta a ni.
Thawhtan zinga inkhel dangah champion lai Golden State Warriors chuan an mikhual Phoenix Suns chu 123-112 in an hneh a, Western Conference-ah panga naah an awm chhunzawm zel.
Warriors hian Suns lakah bul an tan tha tak zet a, quarter khatnaah point 22 zetin chungnung zawkah an tang nghal. Quarter hnihna leh quarter thumnaah hnufual zawkah tang ve ve in, quarter hnuhnung berah point khat lekin chungnung zawk ni hram bawk mahse point 11 in an chak zui ta tho a ni. Suns an hneh tum hian Warriors player pawimawh Klay Thompson chuan point 38 a thawkchhuak a, heng zingah 33 zet hi chawlhlawk hmaa a vawm luh a ni. Stephen Curry chuan point 23 a thawkchhuak ve bawk.

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