Budget pharh dawn

Mizoram State Legislative Assembly Budget Session kal mekah vawiin – February 13 hian finance changtu chief minister chuan 2023- 2023 sawrkar kum atana state sum ruahman chu House-ah a pharh dawn.

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Hemi rual hian sawrkar kum kal lai, 2022- 2023 a sum ruahman belhna – Supplementary Demands for Grants chu chief minister hian budget pharh rual hian a pharh nghal dawn a ni.

Kalphung pangngai ang chuan, budget pharh ni hian thildang engmah kalpui zui loin Assembly Session hi tin zui a ni anga, budget pharhtu chief minister hian thuthar thehdarhtute a kawm zui dawn a, sum ruahman chungchanga sawizau ngai leh mipui hriat atana pawimawhte a sawi ang.


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