Budget Session tiak ta

Assembly Session kal meka budget session hnuhnung ber tur chu Thawhlehni zan dar 10.30 vel khan an zo fel.
Tun tum budget session hi February ni 7-ah an tan a, report pali present niin, paper 41 an lay a, house member hlui mi pathum sunna hun hman a ni a, official resolution pakhat pawm niin, statement pakhat siam a ni.
Tun tum hi session-a zawhna a tam ber tum a ni a, Lalrinliana Sailo, speaker-in a sawi danin zawhna 1529 a lut a, tawngkaa chhan chi (starred question) zawhna 1160 lutin, chung zinga 1152 chu pawm a ni a, House-ah 64 an chhang hman. Hnuhkir pathum a awm. Ziaka chhan chi (unstarred question) 369 a lut a, 265 pawm niin, starred question atanga unstarred question-a leh 693 a awm.
Department atanga chhanna dawn loh 43 a awm thu speaker chuan a sawi.
Private resolution 86 a lut tih a sawi a, 2 chu house-in a pawm a, pakhat chu tidanglam hretin a pawm tih a sawi bawk.

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