CADC-a bial khatah INC chak

Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) Inthlanpui 2023 buatsaiha constituency dang ruala inthlan theih lohna, Rengkashya MDC biala polling station pathuma vote tlate chu Zirtawpni zing khan Chawngte ah chhiar a ni a. He biala candidate pathum zinga vote hmu sang ber, Indian National Congress (INC) candidate Doymoy Daveng Chakma chu returning officer David Lalthantluanga chuan tlingah puangin, thlantlin a nihna certificate a hlan nghal.
Rengkashya bialah hian May 17 khan vote thlak a ni a, vote nei 1411 atangin 1314-in electronic voting machine-ah vote an thlak a, vote tla percentage hi zaah 93.13 a ni.
INC candidate Doymoy Daveng Chakma chuan vote 713 a hmu a. MNF candidate Prema Ranjan Chakma chuan vote 572 hmuin, BJP candidate Sukrity Chakma chuan vote 26 a hmu a. NOTA-a vote tla 3 a awm.
Heti hian CADC Inthlanpui 2023 neih zawh takah CADC hnuaia bial 20 awmah Mizo National Front (MNF) chuan seat la tam berin MDC seat 10 a la a. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leh Indian National Congress (INC) ten seat 5 ve ve an la a ni.

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