CADC-ah vote zaa 94 a tla

CADC-ah vote zaa 94 a tla
Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) hnuaia Member of District Council (MDC) Inthlanpui 2023 neih zawh takah electronic voting machine leh postal ballot-a vote thlak nen a vaiin vote za zelah 94.05 a tla.
CADC bial 19-a polling station 67-ah May 9 khan tluang takin vote thlak a ni a, boruak muanawm lo a thlen thu hriat a ni lo. Zing dar 7-ah thlak theih tanin, tlai dar 5 thleng hun hawn a ni a, hemi hun chhunga vote thlak zawh hman lohna polling station thenkhatah chuan polling area-a lut hman chin tan hun pawhsei a ni.
CADC-ah hian MDC constituency 20 a awm a. State Election Commission (SEC) chuan 15-Rengkashya MDC constituency bik tan inthlan hi May 17-a neih tura a sawnhlat avangin, constituency 19-ah vote hi thlak a ni. Rengkashya bialah hian polling station 3 awmin May 17-ah vote an thlak ang.
Ruahman lawk dan chuan, vote tla hi vawiin – May 11 hian Chawngte SDO (Civil) Office Complex-a Counting Hall pahnihah zing dar 8.00 atangin chhiar a ni ang.

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# EVM a vote awm thei zawng zawng 34474 – mipa 17455 leh hmeichhia 17019 atangin vote 32321 – mipa 16462 leh hmeichhia 15859 a tla a, chu chu zaah 93.75 a ni.
# Inthlan nia election duty avanga mahni vote neihna hmuna vote thlak thei lo turte hnen atangin postal ballot hmanga vote thlak dilna 108 dawn atangin vote 103 a tla a. EVM vote tla leh postal ballot vote tla zat belhkhawm chu 32424 a ni a, chu chu vote awm thei zat (34474) atangin zaa 94.05 a ni.
# Vote 1526 awmna Mondirasora bialah vote 1488 (97.51%) tla in, vote tlak thatna ber bial a ni a. Vote 3531 awmna Kamalanagar ‘N’ MDC bialah vote 3096 (87.68%) tla in, a tlak chhiatna ber bial a ni.
# Polling Station 67 awm zingah Nakdarasora Polling Station-a vote awm zawng zawng 261 atangin vote 260 (99.62%) tla in, vote tlak thatna ber polling station a ni a. Saizawh West Polling Station-a vote awm 343 atangin vote 289 (84.26%) a tla a, a tlak chhiatna ber polling station a ni.

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