CHA thawmthat dan ngaihtuah

CHA thawmthat dan ngaihtuah
Civil Hospital Aizawl hnun thenkhat hlui zual deuh te thawmthat dan tur chief minister Zoramthanga hoin ngaihtuah a ni.
Nilainia chief minister hoa thutkhawmah hian Civil Hospital Aizawl-a block thenkhat, a sakna rei tawh tak tak chu PWD leh Geoglogy & Mining lam mithiamten an enfiah dan an sawi a. Siamthat emaw a remchan dan anga sakthat a tul dan te, chumi atana ruahmanna hrang hrang siamte sawi ho a ni.
Thutkhawmah hian Health & Family Welfare minister Dr R Lalthangliana bakah Public Works Department, Disaster Management & Rehabilitation leh Geology & Mining department official-te an tel a ni.

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