CADC MDC-te lalut

CADC MDC-te lalut
Chakma Autonomous District Council 11-naa Member of District Council-a thlantlinte chu Thawhlehni khan lakluh an ni.
CADC Session Hall-ah protem chairman Hiranand Tongchangya chuan MDC tharte hi rinawmna thu tiamtirin a lalut a. Thlantlinte a lawmpui thu sawiin sawrkar tha tak din a, CADC hmasawnna kawng zawhpui turin a sawm.
CADC chairman thlan turah Thawhlehni chawhnu dar 3.00 thleng khan hming pekluh theih hun hawn a ni a. Hun tiam chhunga chairman chuh tuma hming pe awmchhun chu Fultuli bial atanga MNF ticket-a thlantlin Kali Kumar Tongchangya a ni a, vawiin – May 24 session-ah chairman atan pawm a ni ang.
Mizoram sawrkar District Council & Minority Affairs department chuan CADC-a chief executive member atan Rashik Mohan Chakma pawmna a lo tichhuak tawh a ni.

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