CC Men’s Cricketer of The Year Babar Azam

Nimin, Ningani khan ICC Men’s ODI Player of 2022 an puang a, Pakistan captain Babar Azam chuan ICC Men’s ODI Cricketer of 2022 lawmman ‘Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy’ a dawn bakah Captain of ODI Team of 2022 chawimawina a dawng tel bawk.

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Nikum khan Azam hi a chetha hle a, a mimal record siamin, ODI run 2598 a siam tling a, a average pawh 54.12 tling phain, cricket khelh dan (format) chi hrang zawng zawnga run 2000 siam tling vek thei awmchhun a ni.
Calendar kum khat chhungin century vawiriat bakah half century tum 17 a siam tling bawk.

Kum 28 mi hian a zawnin kum hnih chhung ICC Men’s ODI Player of the Year chawimawina a dawng a, ICC Men’s ODI Player Rankings lamah pawh top rank a la luah tel cheu!

Babar hi nikum khan Test cricket lamah pawh a chechhe lo a, a team lamin result nei tha lo mah se mimalin a thawhhlawk a, game kua lekah run 1184 a ngah tling.

Captain of the ICC ODI Team of 2022 lawmman dawng tel Babar hian nikum khan Pakistan captain ni chungin ODI series vawithumah a ram a chakpui vek a, Australia nen game kua an khelhah game khat chauh an tlawm.

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