Centre-ah Manipur buaina thlen

Manipur-a Zofate leh Meitei inkara buaina chungchangah Mizorama kohhran hruaitute leh tlawmngai pawl aiawhte chu India sawrkar hotute bakah midang thenkhat dawr turin New Delhi ah an cham mek.
May 6-a Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee, political party leh tlawmngai pawl aiawhte thukhawmin an lo rel tawh angin, Manipur-a buaina chungchangah New Delhi lam dawr tur hian aiawh an intir a, Pathianni atang khan an hna an thawk tan a ni.
Central YMA vice president Lalhmachhuana hoa kal NGO hruaitute hian Pathianni khan Union Home minister Amit Shah hmuh an tum a, chhun lamah an hmuh mai theih loh avangin zanah appointment pek an nih angin an bawhzui ang. Union Home minister bakah vawiin – May 15 hian Law & Justice minister Kiren Rijiju leh Congress party hruaitu Rahul Gandhi te pawh hmuh an tum a ni.

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