Champhai College building thar hawng

Champhai College building thar hawng
Rastriya Uchhatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) 2.0 sum hmanga sak, Govt. Champhai College Commerce building thar chu Ningani khan Higher & Technical Education minister Dr R Lalthangliana’n a hawng.
Tunlai zirna kal chho mek zelah multi displinary institution an pawimawh zual hle tih H&TE minister hian sawiin, Govt. Champhai College-in campus nuam leh tha tak an nei chu a lawmpui tih a sawi. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) endik chungchanga hriat tur pawimawhte sawiin, tun aia hma sawn thei tura tan lak ngaihnate inenfiah a, chona thar hmachhawn theia inpuahchah turin a chah.
Govt. Champhai College Commerce building thar hi RUSA 2.0 hnuai Infrastructure Grants to Colleges Component kaltlanga sum dawn, nuai 100 senga sak a ni a. Building design hi LB Associates Aizawl siam niin, contractor hi SkyRidge Construction & Consultancy Services Aizawl a ni. 2019 October 24-ah hna tanin kumin February 28-a zawh a ni. A chung zawng leh a sir zawnga zauh theih tur leh seismic zone 5 dinhmun mila sak a ni a. Zopa chhiara chhawng thum a ni.
Govt. Champhai College hi 1971 August 6-a din a ni a, NAAC accredited B++ a ni mek. Science, Commerce, Arts leh BCA zirna a awm a ni.

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