Champhai district-a raltlan 9488 hnenah temporary ID pe

Myanmar buaina avangin Champhai district-ah raltlan lut 9751 an awm tawh a, tun thlengin heng zinga 9488 hnenah sawrkarin temporary ID a pechhuak tawh.

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Champhai district bawrhsap James Lalrinchhana tarlan danin, 2023 January 31 thleng khan an district-ah raltlan 9751 an awm a, heng zinga 3727 hi naupang an ni. Refugee camp 34 awm mekin, mi 9751 te chhinchhiah fel a ni a, temporary ID mi 9488 pek an ni a, raltlan pualin legal awareness tum 12 neih a ni tawh.

Electoral roll thar berah Champhai district-ah 2011 chhiarpui angin mipui 125745 awmin, sex ratio 984, literary rate 95.91% a ni. Assembly constituency pathum awmah voter 56362 an awm a ni.
Champhai SP Lalrinpuia Varte sawi danin, Champhai district-in Indo-Myanmar border kilometre 160 a thui a nei a. Border pillar 3, BP 2627 leh 28 te awmin, dan loa thil tute tana awlsam taka ramri kan theihna – vulnerable crossing point 23 vel a awm. Police Station 3 leh Beat Post 1 a awm bakah 2 Assam Rifles leh 42 Assam Rifles te khaw 7 ah an an awm a ni.

Champhai district chhunga khua 48-te Free Movement Regime (FMR) huamchhungah an awm a; hemi huama chengte tan hian Border Crossing Agreement 2018 angin border pass pechhuak tura ruahman a ni.

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