Champhaia SEDP sem dan tur rel

Champhaia SEDP sem dan tur rel
District Level Committee on SEDP Champhai chu Thawhtanni khan an chairman, bawrhsap James Lalrinchhana hoin an thukhawm a. Chhungkaw tinzawna kalpui, Family Oriented SEDP thawhkhatna kalpui dan thlirlet a nih bakah a thawhhnihna kalpui dan tur sawiho a ni.
Village Level Committee on SEDP tan phase-II kalpui tan hmaa training buatsaih tha tih niin, VLC on SEDP siamrem dilna lutte ngaihtuaha pawm a ni. Phase-II hnuaia hamthatna dawng thei tur rawtna thlen hun hnuhnung atan April 30 an ruat a; VLC on SEDP chu hun bituk chhunga rawtna an neihte DLC on SEDP hnena thehlut hman turin an chah. DLC on SEDP chuan dilna lutte chingfelin online portal-ah May 15 ralhmain an thehlut dawn a. Phase-II hi Mizoram State e-Governance Society nen online-a kalpui tum a ni.
A thawhhnihna kaltlang hian Assembly bial pakhat atangin hamthatna dawng tur mi 1400 zel thlan tur niin, Champhai district-a Assembly bial pathum – Champhai North, Champhai South leh East Tuipui bial atangte in a vaiin beneficiary 4200 thlan tur a ni.
Ruahman dan chuan Family Oriented SEDP phase-II hi Champhai district-ah chuan line department 8 – UD&PA, Agriculture, AH&Vety, Horticulture, Sericulture, Fisheries, Commerce & Industries leh Land Resources Soil & Water Conservation kaltlanga kalpui tur a ni.
Thutkhawma report danin, Champhai district-ah Village Level Committee on SEDP 68 din a ni a. Family Oriented SEDP phase-I kaltlangin Assembly bial tin atangin hamthatna dawng 1500 thlanchhuah niin, an vaiin beneficiary 4500 an awm. Beneficiary boral leh rokhawlhna avanga siamrem ngai 7 tih loh chu line department-te hian phase-I kaltlangin tanpuina first leh second instalment an pe tawh a ni.

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