Chess inelna lian

Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) leh Mizoram Chess Association buatsaih Inter-School Chess Championship 2024 chu May 28, Thawhlehni khian Ramhlun Indoor Stadium-ah tan a ni dawn. Inelna buatsaihtu MZP leh MCA te chuan school hrang hrangte he inelna tel tur hian an sawm.
Inter-School Chess Championship 2024-ah hian category paliah inelna a awm dawn a. Primary, Middle, High School leh Higher Secondary School te tan inelna a awm a. Hei bakah hian Mimal inelna a awm dawn bawk. Inelna tinah hian lawmman tha tak tak a awm vek dawn bawk.
Chess inelna liana tel tur te tan May ni 25, Inrinni thlengin Entry fee pek theih a ni a. Entry fee hi section tinah Rs. 300 zel a ni ang a, MZP Pisa Pui, Treasury Square-ah pek theih a ni a. Hriatchian duh nei tan Phone 8794578985 / 8414026085-ah zawh chian theih a ni.

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