College fee-ah nuai 81 hmu

Kum thum chhungin sawrkarin a enkawl college hoa zirlai admission tihnaah cheng nuai 81 chuang a hmu a, hengte hi college tihchangtlunna atan an mamawh angin a semchhuak leh thin.

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Higher & Technical Education minister Dr R Lalthangliana sawi danin, kum 2020- 2023 chhungin sawrkar college hrang hrang admission fee tlingkhawm chu Rs. 81,02,964 a ni a. Sawrkar college-te admission fee lak hi sawrkar sumbawma chhunluh a ni a, college tihchangtlunna tur leh tih hmasawnna atana hman tur chu an mamawh ang zelin sawrkarah dil thin a ni.

Kum 2022 – 2023 chhung vek hian sawrkar college hrang hrangte hian office expenditure 1st quarter-ah Rs. 815000, 2nd quarter Rs. 820000, 3rd quarter Rs. 790000 leh 4th quarter-ah Rs. 914000 an hmu a ni.

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