March 1 thleng chhuah phal

Prevention of Corruption Act court-in dan dikloa zangnadawmna lak tum avanga thiam loh a chantir leh a hrem tak mi paruk chu kumin March 1 thleng bail-a chhuah lailawk a phalsak.

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Special Judge (Prevention of Corruption) in thiam loh a chantir, kum 1 theuh tang tur leh cheng nuai 20 theuh chawi tura a hremte bail dilna hi Ningani khan court hian a ngaihtuah leh a, bail diltu aiawh a ding ukil-te leh sawrkar ukilte thusawi ngaihthlak a nih hnu ah bail hi a phalsak a ni.

Bail bond leh surety hi cheng nuai khat ve ve theuha tuk a ni a. Bail phalsakte hi an zualkona tur court sang zawkin an chungchang ngaihtuah leh chhung atana bail a chhuah a remti emaw PC court thutlukna hi a paih emaw a nih loh chuan March 1 emaw a hmalamah emaw court hmaah inpe leh turin a ti a. Bail-a chhuah an nih chhung hian dan bawhchhiatna thil engah mah inhnamhnawih lo turin a ti bawk.

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