College-te tan SDG-ah intihsiak buatsaih

College-te tan SDG-ah intihsiak buatsaih
Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Centre, Planning & Programme Implementation department chuan Thawhlehni khan Aizawlah Higher Educational Institutes Local Immersion Program neiin, SDG Symposium a buatsaih a. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 17 leh theme 9 hmangin intihsiak niin, Planning secretary Lalmalsawma Pachuau chuan a hmanpui.
He programme-ah hian district hrang hrang atangin college 21-in Mizorama an adopted village-ah local immersion an buatsaih a, riahchilhin an harsatna sutkian theihna’n project an siamte sawifiahin an intihsiak a. A titha zual college thlanchhuah niin, heng college-te hian cheng nuai khat theuh an dawng a ni.
Mizorama SDG a hlawhtlin theihna’n he intihsiakna hmang hian Planning department chuan an harsatna sutkian dan turah a remchan danin hma lakpui zel a tum a ni.
SDG hlawhtlinna tura higher educational institute-ten local immersion hmanga intihsiakah hian endik turin judge 5 ruat an ni a, college naupangten presentation hmanga an project an sawifiah bakah zawhna leh chhanna neiin, endik an ni. A titha zual thlanchhuah chu – Govt. Hnahthial College, Govt. Hrangbana College, Mizoram Christian College, Govt. Serchhip College, Govt. J Buana College leh Govt. Johnson College te an ni.

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