Silaia ramsa kah khap

Silaia ramsa kah khap
Lunglei district magistrate chuan a huamchhungah airgun, silai dang leh hmanraw dang hmanga sava leh ramsa veh khapna a tichhuak.
‘Tunlai hian Lunglei district huamchhungah sava leh ramsa chi hrang hrang veh an awm thin tih hriat a ni a. Kan ram chhunga sava leh ramsate an lo rem mai loh nan leh humhim an nih theihna’n Section 144 CrPC hmangin airgun, silai, thang leh hmanraw dang hmanga ramsa leh sava veh/ kah/ awh khap ta ni,’ a ti. Thupek zawm lote chu IPC Section 188 hmanga hrem theih an ni tih a sawi.

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