Congress party ten thuneitu sang CWC nihphung siam danglam

India ram social leh political nihna inthlak danglam zelah Congress te chuan party constitution siam thain party-a thuneitu sang ber Congress Working Committee ah Scheduled Castes (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs), other backward classes (OBCs), minorities leh hmeichhiate tan 50% seat reservation a siam thar.
CWC chu member 23 atangin 35 ah tihsan a ni bawk a. Tuna elected member 12 atangin dan tharah chuan 18 an awm tawh dawn a. Chutiang bawkin nominated member tuna 11 ni mek chu 17-ah a chho dawn a ni.
Constitution siam that chuan member zingah party atanga President leh Prime Minister ni tawh te leh House of Parliament a leader of the party te chu telh zui vek turin a ti bawk a.
Hei bakah hian party constitution amendment siam thar chuan member 50% te chu kum 50 chin hnuai lam tan dah ni bawkin hei hi nikum May thlaa Udaipur conclave-a thutlukna bawhzuina a ni.
Heng bakah hian January 1, 2025 atanga Congress member ni tur tena form an tihkhah turah a hranpain transgender category siam a ni tawh dawn bawk a, online donation pek theihna tur provision siam thar a ni bawk.
Transgender te tana party form theh luh tura column hran siam a nih bakah Congress te chuan member tur te chu an hming mai bakah nu leh nupui leh pasal te bakah pa te hming ziahlanna tur dah thar a ni tawh bawk.
Congress party chuan organisation-ah kalphung thar siam bawkin Block Committee leh District Committee karah organisation thar din tur a ti bawk.

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