Court hmunhma tur enfiah

Court hmunhma tur enfiah
Gauhati High Court judge, Champhai Judicial District portfolio judge ni bawk Justice Marli Vankung chuan March 24 & 25 khan Champhai Judicial District hnuaia awm Champhai leh Khawzawl district a tlawh a. Law & Judicial department ram, hmunhma leh hmalakna a enfiah.
Justice Marli Vankung hian Champhai District Court hmalakna enfiahin official-te a kawm a. Champhai Zote leh Vengsanga Judicial hmunhma tura ruahmanna bakah Law & Judicial department ram Champhai Dinthar Veng ami a tlawh a; District Court Complex siam a nih theih dan tur enfiah a ni.
Champhai Judicial District huamchhunga awm Khawzawl district pawh tlawhin, Hermon Veng, Dinthar Veng leh Banglamuala Judicial hmun tura ram ruahmante a enfiah a ni.

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