LMC-a EVM hman tur tifel

LMC-a EVM hman tur tifel
Lunglei Municipal Council 2023 inthlan atana inpuahchahna kal zelah Inrinni khan Lungleiah electronic voting machine (EVM) hman turte thliarfelin enchian a ni a. District municipal election officer, bawrhsap Ramdinliani, municipal returning officer Donny Lalruatsanga, election observer Dr Lalngura Tlau, election officer C Lalduhzuali leh official dangte bakah political party aiawhte an tel.
Polling station theuha hman tur EVM Control Unit (CU) leh Balloting Unit (BU) ruatfel tawhte chu EVM commissioning-ah hian inthlan ni a hman theih turin buatsaih fel an ni a. EVM khawl buatsaihna enpui tur hian Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) engineer pahnih an tel bawk.
EVM commissioning zawhfel hnu ah district municipal election officer hian Lungleia polling station thnekhat a tlawh a, polling kalpui tura inruahmanna a hmunah enfiahin ruahmanna siam tulte a siam pui a ni.

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