Court thu angin jail tlawh

Court thu angin jail tlawh
Supreme Court of India-in Sonadhar -vs- State of Chhatisgarh inkhinna thubuai kal meka order a siam leh Gauhati High Court Principal Bench-in writ petition (Civil) (Suo Moto) No.8 of 2018-a order a pass tawh angin, Thawhtanni khan Mizoram State Legal Services Authority member secretary R Vanlalena chuan Kolasib District Jail a tlawh.
Jail chhunga tang awm thei zat, mipa leh hmeichhe tang zat leh jail tang lai court lamin bail an phalsak tawh, engemaw harsatna avanga la chhuak lote chungchang endik tura jail hi tlawh a ni a. Tun dinhmunah Kolasib Jail-ah hian mipa 68 leh hmeichhia 14, an vaiin 82 an tang mek. An zingah hian court-in bail a phalsak tawh si, surety leh bail bond la puitlin theih loh avanga chhuak lo 4 an awm a, bail phalsak an nih tawh anga an chhuah thuai theihna’n hma lak a nih tur thu R Vanlalena hian a sawi.

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