CYMA-in theka rate siam

Central YMA chuan a kaihhnawih pawl hrang hrangte a rawnkual hnu ah cement kaihhnawiha hnathawhna hrang hranga ‘theka rate’ a siam thar.
Central YMA thuchhuak chuan Mizoramah cement work hna hrang hrangah hnamdangten an duh zat zat inchhiarin theka-a hna an thawk thin chu tha a ti lo hle a, hun rei tak atang khan theka rate siam turin Mizoram Mistiri Association leh pawl hrang hrangte nen inrawnkhawmin rate mumal tak neih theihna’n hma a la a. Mumal taka theka rate neih theihna’n ruahmanna siamin, hei hi mipuiin zawm theuh tur leh hei anga sanga mistiri chhawr lo turin an ngen tih a sawi. YMA branch tinte chu an huamchhungah zawmthat a nih leh nih loh thlithlai turin an inhriattir tih a sawi bawk.
Mizoram puma hman tur theka rate hi a tichhuak nghal a ni.

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