Darkar 91 chhung tattoo chhuin record a siam

Darkar 91 chhung tattoo chhuin record a siam
Indian tattoo artist chuan a zawna darkar 91 chhungin mi 64 tattoo a chhut sak a, Guinness World Record a siam.
A hming chu Ishan Rana a ni a, Vadodara a cheng a ni. March ni 3 khan tattoo chhu tanin, darkar 91 chhung a chhut chhunzawm char char a March ni 7-ah a zo a, hetih chhung hian mi 64 tan tattoo 74 a chhu hman a, Guinness World Recordm tattoo chhu rei ber record a siam ta a ni.
A hmaa hetiang record chu darkar 61 leh minute 37 niin, Italian tattoo artist Giovanni Vassallo-a’n August 2022-a a siam a ni a, he record hi a rawn khum chiang hle a ni. Rana hian darkar 65 tattoo a chhut hnuah record a siam tawh thu an hrilh a, mahse, duh tawk mai lovin, a record chu midangin an khum leh mai mai theih loh nan tiin darkar 91 a tleng ta law law a ni.
Hetiang record siam tur hian Guinness guidelines-ah chuan darkar khat danah chawlh minute 20 zel a nei thei a, a chawlh neih hi a khawl thei bawk a, he minute 20 chawlh a neih chhung hian zun ram thiar, ei leh in, inbual leh thildang pawimawh te a tih hman vek zel a ngai a ni.

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