Darkar khata pushup vawi 3,000 chuang tiin record siam

Florida-a cheng Rob Stirling, kum 60, chuan darkar khata pushup tihnem thei ber record a siam. Pushup chu exercise lak dan hahthlak tak mai niin, an bawk a, kutphah leh kephah hmangin an innem kang a, ngil taka bawkin, an ban an timar a, chutah an kiuah ban chu tithlepin an bawk hniam a, chumi hnuah ban timarin an kâng leh thin.
A hmaa hetiang record chu Australian Daniel Scali siam a ni a, ani hian April 2022 khan darkar khatah vawi 3,182 pushup tiin record a siam a, he record hi Rob Stirling hian khumin, darkar khatah pushup vawi 3,264 a ti thei a ni.
Rob Stirling hian a hmaa a tih vel chhinnaah pawh record hi chu a khum thei tih a inhriat chian tawh avangin vawi 3,200 tal tlin a tum a, chu pawh chu a tihlawhtling leh thei ta a ni. Stirling hian minute khata pushup tihnem thei record pawh siam a tum a, he record khum tur hi chuan minute khatah pushup vawi 144 aia tam a tih a ngai dawn a ni.

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