Dec.8 ah lakluh beisei

December 8, Zirtawpni hian sawrkar thar lakluh inkhawm neih beisei a ni.
Thawhlehni khan chief secretary Dr Renu Sharma hoin sawrkar thar lakluhna programme ‘Swearing-in Ceremony of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers’ neih dan tur chu a kaihhnawih department-te, tih tur leh mawhphurhna nei hotulute nen sawiho a ni a. Chief minister leh Council of Ministers lakluh hi Zirtawpni chawhma 11.00 ah Raj Bhawan tualah neih beisei a ni.
Chief secretary chuan swearing-in ceremony chu programme pawimawh tak a nih avangin he thila chanpual leh mawhphurhna nei department-ten an tih tur an chian bakah an mawhphurhna tha leh zo taka an hlenchhuah a tul, tiin, department aiawhte chu a tha thei ang bera inbuatsaih lawk turin a chah.

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