Diabetic ten hnung nâ an nei duh

Diabetic ten hnung nâ an nei duh
Zunthlum neite hian hnungzang nâ leh nghawng nâ an nei duh niin mithiam ten an sawi a, mahse, heng nâ te hi zunthlumin a kentel a nih leh nih loh erawh tihchianna a la awm lo niin Times of India health section-in an tarlang.
Zunthlum neite chuan a nei ve lo te aiin 35%-in hnungzang nâ an nei duh zawk niin mi 1,31,431 te an zirchianna atangin mithiam ten an sawi a, 24%-in nghawng nâ neihna risk an nei sang zawk niin an sawi bawk. Mahse, zirchianna neitu te chuan diabetic ten hnungzang leh nghawng nâ an sawi tel fona chhan hi zunthlumin a ken tel ve reng a nih leh nih loh erawh an la chiang thei bik lo niin PLoS One-ah tarlan a ni.
Zirchianna neitute zinga mi University of Sydney, Australia-a mithiam Manuela Ferreira chuan, “Thau leh taksa sawizawi that loh hi hnungzang leh nghawng nâ neihna risk tisangtu an ni tih kan hre theuh ang a, chuvangin, blood sugar level control a, taksa rihna pung tur ven a, taksa sawizawi that hi heng nâ laka inven nan a pawimawh a ni,” a ti.
Zirchianna neitute hian diabetes type 1 leh type 2 te an zirchiang ve ve a, zunthlum tam zawk type 2 diabetes te chu an rihna a pung duh hle a, taksain hormone insulin a nih tur anga a hman theih loh avangin blood sugar te energy-ah a siam thei thin lo. Zunthlum common lo zawk, type 1 diabetes hi chu kum naupan deuh lai atanga awm thin a ni a, pancreas-in insulin a siam chhuah theih loh vang a ni.

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