District leh College nei turin Thenzawl MUP-in hma lak tum

Mizoram Upa Pawl Thenzawl chuan sawrkarin district headquarter thara a puan theihna’n leh Thenzawl College din turin hma lak an tum.
MUP Thenzawl Area hian Thawhtanni khan Thenzawlah Conference vawi 21-na an hmang a. An thurel zingah Thenzawl leh a chhehvel tan Mizoram sawrkarin district headquarters thar siamsak se an duh thu leh district thar siam a nih theihna’n Demand Committee din a rel a; Thenzawla college din a nih theihna’n hma lak a rel bawk.
Conference hmanpuitu District Social Welfare Officer Aizawl East F Lalngaihawmi chuan tar pension chungchanga hriat tur pawimawh sawiin, engemaw bik riau harsatna – mitdel, rualbanlo ang chite an nih loh chuan, Aadhar card neilo tan tar pension lak theih a nih tawh loh thu a sawi.
MUP Thenzawl Area hnuaiah hian Thenzawl khawchhunga branch 8 leh Neihloh, Buangpui, Kanghmun South leh Zote South te an tel a; member 1016 awmin, kum 90 chunglam 19 leh kum 80 chunglam 121 an awm a ni.

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