Siaha district PHC-ah doctor awm lo

Siaha district-a primary health centre pali awmah doctor an awm lo vek tih Palak bialtu MLA KT Rokhaw chuan a sawi.
Assembly Session-ah Congress member KT Rokhaw hian hian Health department hnuaia Siaha district huamchhunga PHC pali an neih – Tipa PHC, Phura PHC, Chhaolo PHC leh Chakhei PHC ah te tunah hian doctor pakhatmah an awm lo tih House-ah a sawi a. Hei hi Health minister-in a hria em, tia zawtin, engtikah nge sawrkarin doctor a dah theih ang, tiin a zawt bawk.
District pakhat ve lem doctor pakhatmah neih loh chu dik lo a tih thu leh Siaha district chu Myanmar atanga raltlan luh tamna ber, doctor mamawh tak an ni, tiin, “District dangte aiin Siaha district mipuite nunna hi a hlu lo deuh em ni” tiin sawrkar a zawt a. Sawrkar hmasaah heng PHC-ah te hian doctor dah vek a ni tih a sawi bawk.

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