DoNER minister hoin hnathawh thlir

DoNER minister hoin hnathawh thlir
Sawrkar laipuia Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) minister of state BL Verma hoin Mizorama DoNER ministry hnathawh hrang hrang thlirhoin Nilaini khan thutkhawm a ni a. Chief minister Zoramthanga, State Planning Board vice chairman H Rammawi, Finance principal secretary Vanlalchhuanga, secretary to CM K Lalthawmmawia bakah DoNER ministry hnuaia project khawih department aiawhte an tel.
Union MoS chuan India hmarchhak hmasawnna atan sawrkar laipuiin theihtawp a chhuah a, Prime minister-in a ngaihpawimawh avangin kumtin hmarchhak tihhmasawnna tur sum tihpun zel a ni, tiin, inkalpawhna kawng leh hmasawnna ruhrel lian tak tak siam zel a nih bakah a tul angin hma lak belh zel a ni tih a sawi.
Chief minister pawhin Mizorama DoNER ministry hnuaia hmalakna te chu tha taka tihhlawhtlin vek a nih tur thu sawiin, North East Road Sector Development Scheme hnuaia Mizoramin project pali a neih zinga pathum chu Mizoram PWD-in a thawk a; Border Roads Orginsation-in project pakhat an chan chu tun thlengin bul an la tan theih loh avangin hmasawnna a tikhawtlai thei dawn tih a sawi. State PWD kuta hlanchhawng mai turin minister hnenah hian rawtna a siam a ni.
Tunah hian Mizoramah DoNER ministry project hrang hrang 76 kalpui mek a awm a, Planning & Programme Implementation department official-ten powerpoint presentation hmangin report an pe a ni.

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