Dr Beichhua zuitute’n BJP zawm

Minister of state a nihna atanga chawlhtir, Dr K Beichhua zuitu mi engemaw zat chuan BJP an zawm a, tun hnaia Siaha district-a VC inthlanah pawh BJP ticket-a ding an awm tawh.
Nikum kum tawpa minister atanga chawl, Dr K Beichhua hi MNF atanga chhuahtir a ni a, hei vang hian Siaha district-ah mi engemaw zatin MNF an chhuahsan a ni.
Dr Beichhua zuia MNF chhuahsantu C Lawbei, Siaha district-a MNF hruaitu ni thin chuan, “Engemaw zatin BJP kan zawm a, zawm lo an la awm bawk a. VC inthlanah khan kan campaign hman chiah a ni,” tiin The Aizawl Post a hrilh a, BJP zawmtu hi mi eng zat nge ni ang tih hriat mai a har thu sawiin, “Sang tel chu kan ni ang,” a ti.
Tuna lutte hi a lut hmasa an ni tiin a sawi a, VC inthlan hmaa BJP hi zawm an duh a, candidate nih duh te an awm bawk a, chuvang chuan a rem remin BJP hi an zawm ta niin a sawi.
Dr Beichhua-in thu a la titlu lo tih a sawi a, “A tan chuan inngaihtuah ngun a ngai a, tin, MLA a ni a, keini angin a duh dan danin a awm thei lo a,” a ti a, inthlan dawnah Dr Beichhua hian thu a tihtluk a rin thu a sawi.

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