EF&CC-in kum 50 tlin lawm

Mizoram Environment, Forests & Climate Change department chuan an kum 50 tlin, Golden Jubilee lawmna chu Inrinni khan Zoram hmun hrang hrangah an hmang.

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Aizawla Jubilee hmanpuitu EF&CC minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan an department-in hma a sawn zel chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Thing leh mau leh nungcha humhalhna kawng hma an laknaah Forest department pawimawh zia sawiin, thawktute chu an hmalaknaah mipui ngaipawimawha a tam thei ang ber mipui nena thawhho thiam a pawimawh tih a sawi.

Forest department chuan agro forestry lamah pawh hma a la chhoh zel tih sawiin, “Loneimiten department an hlawkpui chhoh zel na tur a ni a. Mipui tana theihtawp kan chhuaha mipuite thlawpna kan hmuh hian keimahni tan pawh hnathawh a awlsamin a hlawk phah hle a ni,” TJ Lalnuntluanga hian a ti.

EF&CC kum 50 tlin lawmna atan hian January 27 khan Aizawlah Jubilee Green Rally neih a ni a, rally-ah hian department mite bakah YMA leh environmental NGO hrang hrangin an hmanpui. Golden Jubilee lawmna inkhawmah hian hian department field staff thawk tha zual mi pali hnenah Golden Jubilee Excellence Award hlan a ni.

Kum 1972-a Mizoram Union Territory a nih kumin Forest department hi full fledged department-a hlankai niin, Forest department tih thin chu kum 1987 khan Environment & Forest department tih a ni a; kum 2016 khan Environment Forest & Climate Change department tia thlak a ni.

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