Employment exchange portal siam

Labour Employment Skill Development & Entrepreneurship leh Information & Communication Technology department-a MSeGS nen tangduna siam ‘Employment Exchange portal’ chu Thawhlehni khan LESDE minister Lalchhandama Ralte chuan a hawng.

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Employment Exchange (EmpEx) Portal hi sawrkar department bakah sawrkar hnuaia corporation-ten tangkai taka an hman theih nan hma lak a tul tih minister hian a sawi a. Mizoram Youth Commission-in hnathawh tur neite leh thawk duhte tana hman tur portal a siam chu tangkai taka hman a nih thu te, tunah changtlung zawk siam a lo ni leh ta chu thalai hna zawngten an hlawkpui tur thu te a sawi.

LESDE hotute sawi danin, he portal hi employment registration, registration renew, hnaruak post apianga notification, skill labour-te tan hna zawnna a ni dawn a, employment news a en theih dawn a, hnathawh tur nei tan awlsam takin hnaruak a post theih a ni. Employment registration card hi digilocker atanga download theih tura thlunzawm a ni.

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