Eptute kan la bawhbet zel – Lalrintluanga Sailo MLA

Assembly Session neihah ruling lamin eptu lamte an la bawhbet rih zel tih MNF MLA Lalrintluanga Sailo chuan a sawi.
Thawhtannia MNF office, Mizo Hnam Runa inkhawmah deputy Govt Chief Whip, MNF adviser Lalrintluanga Sailo hian Budget Session report a pe a. Session kal mekah MNF legislator-ten theihtawp chhuaha lungrual taka an beihna azarah opposition lam an bawhbet zel tih sawiin, “Opposition lam ten min beihna tur an hre manglo a ni,” a ti. Dawt ngialngan leh thu belhchian dawllo hmanga an beihnate chu a dik loh zia hailan a ni zel tih a sawi bawk.

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