Everton in Dyche an hnaih

English Premier League a team talbuai mek Everton chu manager thar rawih tur zawngin an hmanhlel mek. Toffees hian Leeds United manager hlui Marcelo Bielsa leh Sean Dyche an dawr a, Dyche nen an indawrna a kaltluang viau a, an indawr fel thuai beisei a ni.

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Everton neitu Farhad Moshiri chuan an manager thar atan hian Dyche aiin Bielsa a duh deuh zawk a. Bielsa hian squad thuamchak tura phut a nghah bakah player thahrui ngah leh player harh vang zawk enkawl a duh a. Hei hi an indawrna timuangtu a tling. Hetihlai hian an manager hlui Seasn Dyche nen an indawrna erawh a kaltluang viau thung a. An inrawih fel vat a rinawm.

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