First date-a tih tur leh tih loh tur

I lo star ruk reuh reuh khan len chhuahpuiah a sawm che emaw, i9 star ruk deuh kha i sawm chhuak thei ta zawk pawh a ni thei, nalh takin i inchei a, first impression tha tak, a hriat reng theih tur siam i duh a ni. Mahse, i nervous tlat em ni? Zâm suh, hei tips tlem kan han rawlruk ang che.
1. I thawmhnaw hak tur thlang uluk rawh. I confi chiah lohna thawmhnaw chu inbel loh law law a fuh zawk ang.
2. Inti-rimtui rawh. In in-date vawikhatnaah zahkha rim i nam hum emaw, mipa rim i nam deuh huam a nih chuan a fuh lovang. Fai takin, rimtui chêk rawh, mahse, i rimtui over palh hlauh ang e aw!
3. In-date vawikhatnaah chuan hmun reh deuh leh mi tam lutuk lohna thlang thiam ang che. Ring taka tawng ngaih lohna hmun, phun deuh sep sep pawh inhriat pawh theihna hmun thlang thiam rawh.
4. Nangma chanchin ringawt sawiin in titi hluai ang e. Hna atana interview i nih loh kha.
5. Kan sawi tawh, kan sawi nawn leh duh chu i cell phone kha khalh sek suh, dah bo daih rawh.
6. Hei pawh kan sawi fo tawh, a tuina zawng zawt thiam rawh, music emaw, a lehkhabu chhiar duh zawng emaw te pawh.

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